Rebecca Mander portrait
Rebecca Mander portrait

Rebecca Mander (BA Hons)

Diploma in Coaching

Certificate in Person Centred Counselling

Associate Member of the Association for Coaching

My story.

  • Education

    As tall as my teachers I stood out at school for all the wrong reasons! I was picked on until I was 15 when I found my confidence. Like many children I failed my A levels and so couldn’t get into University. And so I learned the art of perserverance and persuasion and convinced the Head of the French Department at the University of my choice to allow me to attend on condition that I lived in France for the next year. As a very young adult I embarked on the task in hand only to be thrown out of the family I was staying with as an au pair! Another family in France, 4 years and many interviews later, I graduated and got the job of my dreams with British Airways! It is these years from infant school to my university interviews that I draw upon with MiniGurus and GuruYouth, offering empathy and understanding of the challenges school presents us with.

  • Life

    When you look back on your life at the age of 90, then 5 horrid years won’t seem that bad I would tell myself in 2007. I am 41 and already the pain of losing my son and my mother has subsided considerably. I have my faith, family and friends to thank for that but talking through my grief helped immensely at the time and empowered me to make decisions to work around the big black hole I found myself in!


    After 2 years of therapy following the loss of our beautiful son Charlie, I decided I could use the experiences I had had to help others and went on to work with psychologists in the area of perinatal loss to help those training in the medical profession understand what it was like from the parental point of view. When I tell someone I understand their grief, they believe me and it helps. Of course, we face other types of challenges too and it helps to speak to someone who has come through a life changing situation with all the consequences that holds, and is still alive!

  • Business

    My background is in manufacturing and up until 2014 as MD, I doubled turnover year on year in the 6 years I held that position. I understand first-hand what it is to run a business with the peaks and troughs of the economy, how to motivate excellent people and how it feels to work with demanding or difficult employees and customers alike! I have worked for blue chip companies and negotiated against them and really enjoy helping other business executives to exceed their own expectations as well as those of their shareholders! All through my career I sought advice from people I valued, I still do! We all need support or a sounding board and sometimes we want to be able to do that without fear of judgement. I feel privileged that coaching has enabled me to help other business executives in the same way.

Marguerite Farmer

Marguerite is GuruYou’s education specialist!! She has twenty years’ primary teaching experience with ten years in Senior Leadership. Following the launch of her own coaching company, she now enjoys seeing the results both adults and children can gain from the combination of quality listening and powerful questions. She brings GuruYou™ workshops to schools in Warwickshire, Leicestershire, Staffordshire and the West Midlands. Marguerite keeps the team focused on the top issues in schools today and her gentle and calming approach always helps in and out of our school workshops!

Rebecca Mander portrait

Jo Lee

Working with our team in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and South Staffordshire is Jo Lee! A professional coach with ICF accreditation, her passion is helping people of all ages to achieve success in their life, education and career in balance with their personal happiness.


Jo’s work involves helping people become more effective by understanding and developing strategies for working with their strengths, developing confidence and helping overcome personal barriers to achievement such as anxiety, lack of self-esteem, fears, limiting beliefs and concerns about what others will think.


As well as her coaching expertise, Jo brings to our team ten years’ senior leadership in business, seven years experience as a school governor (three as a primary school chair) and the usual ups and downs of being a mother to two children!


Jo’s passion and enthusiasm for helping children achieve their potential makes her the ideal facilitator for GuruYou™ in schools.

Rebecca Mander portrait

Alison Arnold

Alison Arnold is our coach covering Bedfordshire and has been involved with Children's work for the last 30 years. A qualified Nursery Nurse and coach, Alison has worked in various settings with children and adults… We love that she is also a “Super Nanny” and gives us lots of hints and tips with our own mini gurus!! Her vast experience includes coaching management, together with the privilege of working with children from a wide range of backgrounds some of whom have had additional needs.


Alison has a great sense of humour and a warm down to earth approach that our clients love!

Rebecca Mander portrait

Susan Sanford

Sue is GuruYou’s Grandma! - The most fun and lively one we know!! She has such warmth and wisdom about her, our pupils instantly feel at home in her company!


Sue was responsible for developing services for  young children and their families for 10 years, firstly through the Sure Start Unit and then Derby City Council, developing children's centres across the city in conjunction with schools and other partners. As an independent children's services sector specialist and consultant, she has worked with early intervention services in particular in addition to interim commissioning and performance management roles.


As well as coaching adults in the public and private sectors, Sue has experience as governor of a hospital school, a sixth form college and a cluster of primary schools and she now supports children's work and services at her local church. As an adoptive Mum and grandma of four she is constantly amazed by the resilience, wisdom and potential of all our children.