Business can be tough.

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All of us need guidance in business. Most successful business leaders have during their career gone to someone for advice in the past, be it an Executive Coach or maybe a friend or colleague whose opinion they value highly.


I understand first-hand what it is to run a business with the peaks and troughs of the economy, how to motivate excellent people and how it feels to work with demanding or difficult employees and customers alike!


You know your business better than anyone! I aim first and foremost to understand your company and the people in it; together we look at strengths and weaknesses, employee and employer perspectives, what works and what does not. GuruYou will help support your pathway into a more productive business solution, helping manage change and performance along the way.


GuruYou also caters for individuals seeking coaching on career matters. Coaching helps improve confidence, assertiveness and self-esteem which can have a huge impact in the work environment.  It is often worth asking an employer if they are happy to meet the costs of coaching as it will ultimately improve your performance and they too will of course see the benefit.


Appointments in the evening or Saturday mornings are available to help work around business hours if that helps.

What our Clients say:


Deputy Head. School in Worcestershire:

Rebecca's coaching sessions have been invaluable in helping to identify and prioritise my life goals, as well as assessing my future career options.  Rebecca has helped me to feel more confident in myself and in my abilities, and has provided me with excellent strategies on how to achieve success both in my homelife and in the workplace. Together we have set clear goals of where I want to be and how to get there.


Head of Department Worcestershire:

I really enjoyed the sessions with GuruYou, and feel they boosted my confidence and resilience at work. Talking to someone outside of my own circle i.e family has been vital and beneficial.


KJ: Sales Director. Redditch, Worcestershire:

Working with Rebecca had an immediate impact on me. She helped me to gain a clear view on how to approach the career challenges ahead of me. My confidence in the workplace was at a low point… Rebecca helped me to find the strength and perspective I needed in order to accept the challenges ahead of me.


Rebecca brings a combination of huge empathy and pure intelligence.  Her warm-hearted, supportive style is obvious from the start, and her deep listening and encouragement led me to change my mindset and find the confidence I needed.