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GuruYou™ deliver workshops throughout the Midlands and the South of the UK, helping schools make a difference in their pupils’ mental health. Workshops aim to reduce anxiety and increase confidence on wider scale. In doing so, schools report significant improvements in SATs results and attitude to performance as well as resilience and change management. Get in touch if you are a parent or a teacher who would like to see GuruYou™ working with your children and we will be delighted to contact you.


One to One Coaching


Giving pupils time to think, space to air their thoughts and concerns in a safe environment. Coaching and Mentoring can be extremely beneficial for children in Key Stages 2 & 3, focusing on the areas of life at home or at school that a child can find very challenging.



"...W.A. is a different child after only three sessions. He hasn't been sent out of class once this term for poor behaviour. His parents notice a big difference too.

Thank you Rebecca!..."

Head Teacher. Warwickshire

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The SAT trick


Prepare your Year 6 students mentally for SAT week. Focusing on pride, personality strengths and taking the stress away from the work aspect of the exams. Available on a one to one basis and out of school hours

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Grow the Guru in you!


This exciting workshop aims to help students realise that FAIL stands for First Attempt in Learning and that our brains grow more when we get something wrong! Based on Growth Mindset research by Carole Dweck

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Onwards & Upwards


Onwards and Upwards helps prepare children in transition stages moving from Year 6 onwards. After the hard work of KS2, looking at how far they have come and what they have achieved gives confidence for moving on. We also look at social skills, NLP & body language as well as other survival techniques for the first day at secondary school! Available on a one to one basis and out of school hours.

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Starmaker encourages pupils to make the best of what they have got! How do we make the right choice to help our star shine brightly? Based on the works of Rick Warren, this workshop can carry a Christian message if requested.

"...The SAT trick and other GuruYou™ workshops have undoubtedly

played a part in our improved pupil performance and outlook..."

T. Roberts, Head of School, Worcestershire

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