Life can deal you all kinds of challenges

GuruYouth focuses on young adults preparing for a challenging event such as mock exams, GCSE's, A Levels or university or job interviews.



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Interview Preparation


With the individual we will look at the presentation of the candidate as well as the interviews and presentations they will be going through. Quite often Neurolinguistic  Programming (NLP) or mind programming can really help and we work on an exercise that can be performed before the interview to help boost self-belief.

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Exam Preparation


Increasing confidence and reducing anxiety! In a one to one or workshop setting, GuruYouâ„¢ can offer supportive coaching to prepare students mentally before and during exam season. We work hard to help pupils see how resourceful they can be and to find reasons to be more confident and less anxious.

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One to One Coaching


We offer confidential one to one sessions for pupils at our practice in

Henley-in-Arden or by arrangement, further afield. Young adults don't always want to share everything with the people closest to them. We aim to provide space, time and new perspectives to help you or your child at a pivotal time in their lives

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"...We asked GuruYou to prepare our daughters for job interviews as they graduated from university. The workshop encouraged them to celebrate their achievements, examine their self-confidence and articulate their hopes for their future careers. It provided them with the skills to focus on their ambitions and self-belief.


GuruYou ensured that they left feeling positive, confident and well prepared for the interviews. And it proved successful because both daughters received more than one job offer...."

C.G. Warwickshire