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Welcome to my most FAVOURITE coaching tool, Charlie’s Star!

When I share my story I do so it inspires others but also I want you to have something to go away with time and time again. A few years ago, I thought about all of the elements that took me from victim to victor in the aftermath of years that followed. Years of struggle, pain and true joy. Charlie’s Star takes you on a journey of perspectives, through which you can see your challenge or a choice you need to make.

Details and instructions are provided and I know that you will come away feeling more empowered to bounce forward in the way that is right for you!

By leaving us your email address, you will be able to download the instructions and the tool. Your email will not be used by third parties. Also, you will receive occasional emails from me which offer valuable insights into the world of coaching and free hints and tips. You will not be bombarded weekly or even monthly as I am not that organised ? I go for quality rather than quantity as I know my followers have very busy inboxes!

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