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At a recent school conference I attended, parents were asked the question; “What do you most want for your child when they grow up?” The audience all turned to each other, and when asked for their feedback, shouted out “Be happy!”, “Be confident!”, “Enjoy life!”… and so on.

“Why then, do we not teach these subjects?”, the enlightened speaker went on to question.

As parents we do our very best to make sure we are raising happy, confident children and yet despite these best efforts, we often feel like we need something more. Since developing GuruYou, I have worked with some incredible students. Some are approaching secondary school, others about to leave after A levels. Children from an array of different backgrounds, families and opportunities available to them. And yet they all enjoy the same thing about seeing a coach. They love to be listened to by someone who is not involved with them on an emotional level.

We have all experienced the exasperation of trying to tell our children what to do for the best only to get our pearls of wisdom thrown across the kitchen floor! Coaching sessions allow your child to explore the possible solutions to life’s challenges themselves. An experienced coach does not tell, they ask well considered questions that prompt thought and self-analysis as well as enabling the coachee to look at new perspectives. When we come to the conclusion for ourselves, we are far more likely to own and work towards a successful outcome.

Coaching is about gently supporting someone towards their goals. Maybe your child wants to be more motivated, less anxious? Maybe they are moving forwards after a difficult relationship breakdown or a bereavement. Or are they moving towards a phase in their life that is making them nervous or fearful, such as a new school or university?

There is a myriad of reasons why coaching can help in areas that schools alone cannot. Fortunately many schools in our area are embracing the mental well-being of our children through the support of GuruYou workshops and one to one work. Coaching is also available off-site or from our practice in Henley in Arden. One local mother recently summed up her feelings after her child had attended only a few sessions:

“Rebecca has made real progress with our son and we are delighted with his progress. She made a great connection with him and was able to use his own experiences and interests to motivate and encourage him to be positive and confident. Detailed feedback and practical suggestions to overcome sleep difficulties and communication issues have helped us tremendously and the difference in his attitude in such a short time is impressive. I would highly recommend Rebecca as a life coach for children and teenagers as her caring and honest approach makes it easy for them to open up to her and be able to see that they can overcome their issues in a positive way.”