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Back on Track: 6-week programme

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Getting Back on Track after COVID-19

My new ‘Back on Track’ programme was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the many challenges and setbacks that have been experienced globally as a result. For many, 2020 has been a time for surviving more than thriving. As you know, I am passionate about helping people move forward during setback, to give them tools and techniques to build confidence and resilience when otherwise it would be at an all time low.
Back on Track is a live 6 part course looking at the key ingredients in bouncing back, that can be delivered in-house for 6-8 people at any one time offering excellent value for money! In the course, we look at strengths awareness, goal setting, imposter phenomenon and thinking errors as well as mindfulness and resilience. We celebrate success at the end of the course by looking at how far you have come and then delving into Charlie’s Star© to determine your way forward- even when that means coming out of your comfort zone! Enter your details below to receive further information on the Back on Track programme.

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Is Back on Track right for me?

To help give an indication of whether Back on Track is right for you, or your team, I have created a short survey about how you and your teams are feeling after the challenging year we’ve all experienced so far.

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