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Bounce Forward Resilience programme

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“Wow, wow, wow! A course like nothing else I have ever been on before! Truly life changing!”

Wesleyan employee

Bounce Forward Resilience programme

Help shape your career with our Bounce Forward Resilience programme

This multi-use programme has helped shape careers, reduce stress and improve wellbeing and resilience in and out of the workplace. Support succession planning within your business by equipping your people with the best mindset for growth and resilience! Working with teams of 6-8 people over 6 sessions we coach all the ingredients your people need to get out of their own way on the path to success.

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Bounce Forward Resilience programme

What we cover

Over 6 weekly sessions we cover a selection of subjects depending on level of employment:

  • Strengths awareness for challenge
  • Goal setting without fear
  • Overcoming Imposter Phenomenon
  • Resilience and mindfulness
  • Purpose and personal brand
  • Victim or victor? And how to choose
  • Increasing visibility within the organisation
  • Coaching skills for future leaders

Talent and Leadership Development Manager, Emma Duff explains why Wesleyan find the programme so pivotal to the success of their teams:

“My thoughts for those considering the Bounce Forward Programme for their organisation would be go for it! We’ve had many conversations on how to pitch the programme, ranging from Bouncing Back after setback (whether that’s pandemic or other setback) to Bouncing Forward in your career – either way, the overwhelming majority of participants have strongly recommended the work GuruYou has done and we are delighted to be entering our second year with the Bounce Forward programme.”

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What our Bounce Forward delegates say…

“By having a greater awareness of my own pitfalls, I’ve noticed day-to-day I can employ some of the strategies to improve my mindset, which no doubt will improve my relationships, and challenge how I’m using my time to get better results. Most importantly though, I’ve just got a better relationship with myself!””

“I learned a lot about my strengths, gained the confidence to ask for feedback from different sources and learned LOADS of coping mechanisms for how to get through a bad day/patch/experience.”

“Structured time out to focus and challenge yourself on what you really want to achieve for yourself, and recognise that often it’s you getting in your own way that’s the blocker.”

“Opportunity to concentrate on myself and how I tick was amazingly valuable”

“Bounce Forward…Wow, wow wow! Truly life changing!”

“A course like no other you will have been on”

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