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Young people have so many pressures

GuruYouth and MiniGurus are our VIPs! They are the future and sometimes the trials and tribulations they suffer from are no less dramatic than our own. Anyone who lacks confidence or self-belief, needs to know they are listened to and understood. Through managed conversations using cognitive behaviour and solution focused approaches, coaching can really benefit children and adolescents.

We specialise in Secondary School and Primary School coaching.

Like adults, the young need guidance on how to move on from life changing events such as bereavement, parental separation, personal relationship challenges, educational stresses or moving away to name but a few. Enrolling a coach for your child or pupil in itself tells them they are valued. Coaching will offer them space to air their thoughts and concerns in a safe and unbiased environment supporting them onwards in their journey. Coaching can present valuable tools for the younger client, and have a dramatic effect on performance and self-esteem at a very pivotal point in life.

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