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Business can be tough.

In 2008 I was a Managing Director leading a £15m company and we had just lost our youngest son, Charlie.

Many of us know how hard it is to look the part when internally you’re falling apart. When life gets tough personally for leader, be it loss, divorce, marital or family problems, it not only affects the individual but also their teams, business profitability and KPIs. UK industries spend up to 20 billion per annum on lack of productivity in the work place due to poor well-being- that’s more than we are spending on Brexit!!

I am Rebecca Mander, founder of GuruYou and motivated by my experience to retrain as an Executive Coach at Warwick University. I specialise in helping senior leaders, during personal setback to get back on track. I focus both on their needs and the needs of the business. Equipping leaders with tools and techniques to build confidence, resilience and drive when otherwise it is at an all-time low.  Leaders can be exceptional, but they are also human, and often need help in their private lives to prosper in their public roles

What our clients say

“I was so inspired”

“I was so inspired from just being on the phone with Rebecca for half an hour planning the webinar – I couldn’t wait to get it out there for our clients”

Business Development Director - Irwin Mitchell

“Coaching has helped me be more myself”

“Coaching has helped me be more myself and I think everyone needs that every few years in their career, no matter what level they are at. Thank you Rebecca!”

Head of Department - Coutts

“I would recommend Rebecca”

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who works in a demanding, stressful working environment”

Partner - Wright Hassall

“Rebecca reduces negative beliefs”

“Simply put, Rebecca reduces the negative beliefs and behaviours that impede great performance”

Head of Department - England Rugby Football Union

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