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Executive 1-1 Coaching

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"If I had one person in my corner it would be Rebecca"

MD. N.Lewis - Sydney Australia

Executive 1-1 Coaching

Coaches with an executive leadership background.

Rebecca Mander, founder of GuruYou™ was motivated by her experience as Managing Director of a global consumer goods company to retrain as an Executive Coach at Warwick University. Each coach on our team providing executive coaching has board level experience and have led their own teams or organisations enabling them to switch into ‘mentor’ mode if and when asked to!

Executive 1-1 Coaching

1-1 Coaching for your organisation

Pick the solution that suits your organisation from a series of 90 minute 1-1 sessions with a tripartite meeting, to full Day Clinics where multiple coachees are supported on their individual needs in a power hour that requires no other meeting beforehand.

Whichever solution you are considering, we will make absolutely sure that it meets the needs of your employees and your stakeholders. We understand that cost is a huge consideration, and many decision makers need to see the evidence before they invest. Of course, we see amazing results that increase performance and confidence and reduce presenteeism and attrition, but you may not want to take our word for it! Read testimonials from one of our 1-1 clients below and scroll through some thoughts from Day Clinic coachees after just one hour with a GuruYou™ coach.

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Guruyou 1-1 coaching session

law coaching

Executive 1-1 Coaching

Personal Development Coaching in the Legal Sector.

We are proud to count some of the world’s leading law firms amongst our clients. Our understanding of the pressures of the legal sector mean that we can coach those facing struggles and challenges in a realistic manner that accounts for the unique demands placed upon those in law. As with many professional services, promotion to leadership can be due to academic prowess rather than a capability to lead. At GuruYou™, we help senior leaders fill those gaps through mentoring and coaching to enable your colleagues to flourish and achieve great results for your firm.

Are you a partner facing personal setback? Often, during times of setback, the traditional expectation has been a high salary warrants those suffering to “get on with it”. Thankfully we are helping change the old ways and bring in a coaching solution that understands the need for a compassionate support with an eye on the day to day running of your organisation meaning optimum performance, reduced attrition and happier, more successful lawyers.

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Client case studies

Catherine Haslam

Client testimonial

A different way of seeing things and clarity of thought.

“I love working with Rebecca; my one-to-one coaching sessions with her have been a very positive experience.

She built my confidence in her very quickly by taking the time in our early sessions to really understand my values and what makes me tick.  And she has used that understanding to help me to find ways to do things differently whilst not undermining those values.  She is very effective at showing me the way, so that I develop the sense of understanding myself, which is far more effective than simply being told what to do.

As I have a successful career, I always thought that I must be doing things ‘the right way’.  Rebecca has taught me that by making some small adjustments to the way I think and the way I do things I can unlock my potential yet further, and also the potential of those with whom I work.

No matter how busy I am, I know that it is always worthwhile making time for Rebecca’s sessions as I come out of them with a slightly different way of seeing things and a clarity of thought which makes me feel invigorated and ready to take on whatever challenges get thrown at me.

If I could choose anybody to see me through a challenging time in my life, Rebecca would be my first choice every time!”

Catherine Haslam (Partner, DWF)

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Wendy Merricks

Client testimonial

Working with Rebecca has made such a difference to our business

“Working with Rebecca has made such a difference to our business. She has worked with our team for over 12 months in both group sessions encouraging some great collaboration and team working and 121’s with individuals who felt they needed some additional support. We all learnt just how different we are as a leadership team and that has been very powerful. I have seen the Jumar team flourish and become more confident in their leadership roles.

The 121 sessions are fantastic. Rebecca has such a charismatic, strong listening and insightful approach to her coaching style. It impresses me every time that she gets to the knub of any challenge pretty quickly in the session through her open questioning style and techniques. Each person that has been coached by her have come out of every session focussed, energised and confident about their journey in the business and their personal lives. As one of her recipients I can safely say that I have made some positive life changing decisions through our 121 sessions.

Whatever the challenge you are trying to solve whether it be team, management, leadership or 121 coaching I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough.”

Wendy Merricks (CEO, Jumar)

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What our clients say

“You had an entrepreneurial background. You hadn’t had it all thrown in your lap and I respected that. In the past I would be scribbling down notes of what to say in a given situation as I think coaches think they need to dictate and tell you what you should and should not do. You planted ideas but I loved that you never “told” me what to do, you helped me work it out for myself.”

Senior Leader - Coutts

“Rebecca is a brilliant coach – she is calm, insightful, positive and encouraging, and invested in your success and development. I’d recommend Rebecca to anyone looking to experience personal growth and development”

Irwin Mitchell - Sales Director

“Fantastic really productive session. I feel like I’ve walked away with some tangible actions I felt heard and understood, and then I felt like I was guided down the right paths to define next steps”

Client - Day Clinic

“Simply put, Rebecca reduces the negative beliefs and behaviours that impede great performance”

Head of Department - England Rugby Football Union

“I would recommend Rebecca to anyone who works in a demanding, stressful working environment”

Partner - Wright Hassall

“Coaching has helped me be more myself and I think everyone needs that every few years in their career, no matter what level they are at. Thank you Rebecca!”

Head of Department - Coutts

“I was so inspired from just being on the phone with Rebecca for half an hour planning the webinar – I couldn’t wait to get it out there for our clients”

Business Development Director - Irwin Mitchell

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