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Getting your life back under control

We cannot choose the circumstances we are in, or the health issues we may face. Relationship problems, financial stresses or difficult home lives can always seem beyond our control but we can choose how we move forward in our lives and how to get the best out of the situations we find ourselves in.

Talking our thoughts through with someone can often help, looking at options available, and discussing these openly without fear of judgement is a wonderful way to reach clarity of mind and happiness.

Coaching is placing a gentle hand at the clients back, guiding them forward, encouraging and supporting their goals and aspirations.

GuruYou helps men women and children work through life’s challenges and achieves incredible results as the testimonies will show…

What our clients say

“made me feel positive and triggered me to think in different ways”

“Thank you for your time today Rebecca, I thought the way you helped me look at my own behaviour was brilliant and so helpful.  Your manner is great, you make it so easy to talk to you.  You have genuinely made me feel positive and triggered me to think in different ways or at least to view things from different perspectives “

C. S - Male client - Worcestershire

“Monday’s session was amazing!”

“Monday’s session was amazing! I feel like we have unlocked something I have kept hidden for 32 years!”

E. D - Female client - Warwickshire

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