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Helen Richardson

Helen Richardson

Style. Confidence. Personal Brand.

With a lifelong ‘passion for fashion’ and helping others, Helen understands the styling challenges that women and men face daily… so using her skills and knowledge she has transformed the appearance of many clients giving them the confidence to look good everyday.

With many year’s experience in the corporate world Helen witnessed the real power of a person’s visual identity. It is no coincidence that confidence breeds success (Style = Confidence = Success). She has helped men and women to create their “Personal Brand” thereby improving their careers, lifestyle and happiness. 

A person’s skills, vision, abilities and even life values are projected by non-verbal communications. I believe that wearing the right clothes helps to project the right image which will in turn ‘open the right doors’ both professionally and personally and so we are proud to have Helen to help find the style guru in you! Outlined below our ways in which Helen will guide and inspire you sensitively and positively, while pushing boundaries to achieve the transformation you desire to achieve success whatever you are putting your mind to!

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