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Kate Clarke

Kate Clarke

Leadership Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Organisational Design and Development, Team Effectiveness and People Change.

Meet Kate, she has a knack for shaking up cultures and a keen eye for deep cultural diagnostics, she’s all about making sure our interventions pack a punch. A student of Organisational Development at the Roffey Park , Kate is a pro at navigating change waters while keeping the team vibes high and the engagement even higher. 

Diagnostics are really Kate’s thing and she is also an experienced Executive and Business coach, armed with Lumina Spark and Lumina Select tools to decode personalities and coach with composure. When it comes to leadership, Kate is a fellow and tutor for the Institute of Leadership and uses a ‘Mary Poppins bag’ of tricks to drive Leadership capability and team effectiveness.  She has worked with leaders and teams across a whole range of industries who are facing a wide variety of different challenges, and her main learning is that when people in the right environment, with the people who give them energy and where they get to use their strengths everyday then high performance will naturally follow.

Kate is a true believer that the high performance so many strive for comes from a place of honesty, trust, clarity of expectations and the ability to be your true self and want to support individuals and teams to see the value in this with a focus on the real commercial benefits of this approach. She just loves a conversation about delivering operational cost savings through improved ways of working and the consequent return on investment!

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