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Your PAL for life

Today is World Kindness Day so I am sharing my favourite PAL!

Unlike a gratitude journal the PAL- your Positive Attitude Log is a series of 4 questions to ask yourself each day to build a balanced mindset in even the darkest of times.

Gratitude journals are lovely but there is something quite passive about them in that the things we are grateful for such as a sunny day or a kind gesture happen to us not because of us.

In ‘Option B’, Sheryl Sandberg talks about the importance of looking at our contributions rather than counting our blessings in order to build confidence during setback. Research has shown that writing down the good things that happen in our day “small wins” can reduce stress levels and reduce health complaints within as little as 3 weeks!

Stephanie is a busy lawyer and at first, struggled to complete her PAL but as she explains here, taking a couple of minutes each day to look at the way YOU have influenced positive outcomes for yourself is key.

Stephanie Perraton talks about the PAL

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